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Rosie Dalton

Culturally, my background is


I live in

Cronulla on Dharawal Country

I am a mother to

Mac Dalton Mevissen — who is almost two now.

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I aspire to

A grounded and present mother to Mac, sharing with him the creativity of the world around him.

On the weekend you'll find me

Spending time with my family and friends, preferably in nature.

For fun I like to


I knew I was pregnant when

I felt this uncharacteristic sense of calm wash over me.

My favourite part of pregnancy was

Connecting with Mac in my belly and feeling how active he was. This was my first insight into his vivacious personality!

"I read a lot of books by Ina May Gaskin and tried to arm myself with knowledge..."

Roșie Dalton - Writer

The worst was

The confusion and indecision I originally felt in choosing the right model of care for myself and our family.

To prepare for birth, I

Worked with a doula, Lizzy Criner, who helped me deal with any fears that cropped up. I read a lot of books by Ina May Gaskin and tried to arm myself with knowledge, but also surrender to the process and be at ease with the unknown.

Looking back, I feel my birth was

Just as it was meant to be!

3 words to describe my journey from maiden to mother are

Transformative, humbling, and heart-expanding.

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The biggest challenge has been

Tuning out all the noise, judgement, and opinions of others.

If I could turn back time I would have

Done it all over again in a heartbeat!

The thing I love most about motherhood is

Seeing the world through the wonder of my son's eyes.

A black and white image of Rosie in a black body suit, she is pregnant with pearl necklace on and cradles her belly with one hand and runs her fingers through her hair with the other
close up black and white photo of newborn Mac
Close up black and white cropped image of newborn Mac holding the necklace pendant around Rosie

I like to fill up my cup by

Reading, writing, and swimming in the ocean.

My one piece of wisdom to share would be

Trust your intuition, in birth and parenthood alike.

"Trust your intuition"

Roșie Dalton - Writer

My favourite WOOM product is

I think the WOOM curation is so beautiful. There are many products on the site that I personally used throughout pregnancy. I especially loved the Perineum Massage Oil by Weleda and the Love Tea pregnancy blend.

To me, being a woman means

Tapping into a rich lineage of incredible women that we can learn from and grow in harmony with.

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WHO IS ROSIE DALTON, the writer?

Rosie Dalton is an Australian writer exploring fashion, art, and culture through the mediums of poetry, prose, and the personal essay. As a freelance writer and consultant, Rosie collaborates with international brands and publishers through her content studio On the Collar.

She is the author of Dossier, shares palate poetry via Off Carte, and runs a seasonal reading subscription called Sunday Story. Rosie is also the online editor for JANE PRIVÉE and a contributing editor for JANE in print.

The Universe inside

We called you in upon the moon

set the candles burning

hearts on fire


Mapped the stars

across the night sky

and across our mind’s eye


Imagined your smile

and soul aglow

shifting, shifting

Slowly taking shape now

in rhythm with the tide

our universe inside



It began on May 26th

the day I knew you were with us

Another ordinary Tuesday

when we saw you for the first time

Just a tiny sunbeam, suspended inside

As the months flew by

we grew together,

you and I

And we dreamed big dreams of who you might be
your dad and I

Sometimes I would overthink things

as I have a habit of doing

We started out somewhere

and ended up elsewhere

Blowing in the wind

but grounded by your soul

earthy as the soil



I asked you what it looked like

your dream birth

in the salty bath

two as one


And, in meditation, you showed me

that yellow façade and fragrant wall of jasmine


‘You will know where you’re meant to birth’ they say

for me, it was the who

when I met Ash, I just knew

she would be the one to deliver you


I felt into the anticipation of your arrival

a meditation


We practised breathing with Anne

planned a calm and quiet birth


But then things shifted



the referral read


the sonographer corrected


There were moments of fear

moments of resistance



I would tell myself

let go and flow

like water

the sea



A Thursday, this time

our final appointment with Ash

in the midst of a summer heatwave


The day had started with a sunrise swim

as had become our custom


A faceless doctor wanted to induce

so we tried all of the things

to tempt you earthside


Surrender, surrender

and slowly

the veil, it lifted



from 2 or 3am



close together


Your dad ran us a bath,

lit some candles


We watched a sixties spy movie

and I tried to rest in between contractions

to swim with them


It was mid-morning

when we hugged Lizzy goodbye,

sun beating down

and piled into the Land Cruiser


We listened to Almost Cut My Hair 

refusing to give in an inch to fear


Nine centimetres on arrival

a warm bath

and your dad’s palms to squeeze


He spritzed some rosewater

as your waters flowed forth

to meet new waters


The trance-like sounds of Deep Forest
uncharacteristic looseness of my jaw

a smile


You moved slowly

easing my body


stuck for just a beat


So, I stared up into your dad’s eyes

drawing strength from his strength

like a cosmic dance, between we three


And there you were

floating underwater

between two worlds


You opened your big blue eyes




three hours after arriving in that dimly lit room

the bright sun blazing beyond



And so I surrender

slowly, slowly


Trust in my softness

the ability to control less

and let go more


Watch the clouds wander


This way

and that way


but not without direction


Like a made up dance ... one with feeling



as the ocean

or your baby blues


You are not yet five moons young


And the clouds, they dance on

dancing free across the sky

Excerpts from Rosie's most recent print publication - DOSSIER , a book of essays, poetry, and prose.

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Roșie Dalton - Dossier​​

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