An ancient herb safe for pregnancy & postpartum that promotes liver health, reduces inflammation and supports sleep.

The safest herb to take during pregnancy is Reishi. This earthy bitter, antioxidant rich mushroom promotes liver health, reduces inflammation and supports sleep by encouraging the body to return to peaceful equilibrium.

Reishi is traditionally used in Chinese medicine to:

  • Balance spirit
  • Support healthy immune system function
  • Improve sleep quality / deep sleep

Active Benefits:

  • A heightened sense of calm
  • Enhanced mental and physical resilience
  • Elevation of overall well-being
  • Hormone rebalancing
  • Fertility support

It’s a Class A safety herb and is generally safe for most women. Herbalist Ron Teeguarden speaks of reishi babies, born in China, who are calm, healthy and super alert. Superfeast founders, daughter Aiya is a reishi baby, and was born super calm and alert.


About Reishi

Regarded by ancient herbalists as the ‘mushroom of immortality,’ reishi is traditionally used in Chinese medicine to support healthy immune system function and promote a healthy stress response. A famous Shen tonic, reishi is recommended to calm and balance the spirit, and to enhance sleep quality. It strengthens the Heart, Kidneys, Lungs, and Liver - it is one of those special herbs that work on all Three Treasures (Jing, Qi, and Shen), as well as all the five Taoist organ systems. 

In China, reishi is known as ling zhi which means  'spirit plant' or 'tree of life mushroom.' The Chinese character for ling zhi is composed of three characters that represent a shaman praying for rain. The Latin translation of Ganoderma is ‘gano’ (shiny) ‘derma’ (skin).

Reishi is extremely rare in the wild and was once reserved for use amongst emperors and royalty only. Immortalised throughout Chinese art, temples, statues, and paintings, reishi mushroom was held in the highest esteem amongst Chinese royalty and is surrounded by many legends over the past 4 millennia. Kuan Yin, known as the goddess of healing, was occasionally depicted carrying a reishi mushroom. This polypore was extremely prized amongst the Orient and often hung above doorways as a protector.

Reishi is high in beta-glucans and over 100+ distinct varieties of polysaccharides. Triterpenes are the compounds in reishi responsible for the bitter taste that reishi possesses. Triterpenes are only extracted via ethanol and hot water; this is why we dual-extract SuperFeast Reishi.

Listen to Mason chat about Reishi here.

How Do I Take Them?

Enjoy them as you normally do - in a delicious tonic (recipes), in your meals, or on their own with some hot water as an herbal elixir. To be taken after 12 weeks gestation.

How Much Should I Take?

Less is more with tonic herbs during pregnancy. We like to keep the dose low (1/4 - 1/2 tsp) and recommend you take it easy during this time.

Postpartum you can use I Am Gaia and Eucommia Bark in higher doses to rebuild your energy (Qi), Blood and Jing. We recommend about 1 tsp a day of these herbs for the first 40 days postpartum. After this, reassess to gauge whether these herbs are relevant for you to continue taking. It’s great to consult with a practitioner like a Chinese or integrative doctor or naturopath for postpartum care.


SuperFeast Reishi is carefully dual-extracted and sourced Di Dao from the Dabie Mountains in China. See full sourcing details below.

Please Note that in the world of herbs and humans, and the complex intersection of chemistry and the less tangible elements like emotions and spirit, not to mention the quality of the herbs you are sourcing and their potency (if you’re not buying Superfeast, make sure you find out how the herbs are grown and produced, as well as how they’re prepared and extracted, if at all) - all this means that not all herbs work for every body, all the time.


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AUST L 328045

Ganoderma lucidum
(Reishi Mushroom)*
from dry fruiting body 2g
200mg / 250ml

10:1 extract powder

Servings per size
100g Jar = 83

No contraindications have been reported in the medical literature concerning the consumption of reishi mushroom. If you are on blood thinners or blood pressure medication, please check with your prescribing doctor if reishi is appropriate for you. Reishi is considered safe to take during pregnancy and breastfeeding; please consult your healthcare provider before adding reishi to your herbal regime during these sensitive times.

Store below 30°C in a cool, dry place.
Keep out of reach of children.
Packed in Australia from imported ingredients.
Talk to a TCM practitioner/health professional if you are unsure if this medicine is right for you.</p>

In 2011, Mason Taylor's passion for health and his quest for access to the world's best supplements, herbs, and medicinal mushrooms led to the creation of SuperFeast. From humble beginnings in his mum's garage, SuperFeast has grown into Australia's leading supplier of Di Dao tonic herbs and mushrooms. We take great pride in our sourcing, our team and our community, and our wider contribution. We believe passionately that a business is an ecosystem, and we always want to leave those we meet and the places we visit or source from, better than we found them.

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