WOOM exists for the woman, for the mother.

With this in mind, we have developed two clear intersecting goals:

1. Increase positive birth outcomes

2. Decrease natal depression

We are dedicated to playing a vital role in redeveloping the way western society views our roles as Mothers. WOOM is passionate about inciting change within our current health and care models to ensure respect and informed consent is always given and current practices evolve to ensure we are supporting postpartum mother's emotionally, physically, mentally and spiritually.

WOOM is a place for connection, education and inspiration, a supportive community and a store with a beautiful and necessary offering curated with ONLY the mother in mind.

We are currently in a time where a staggering 1 in 5 women experience PND. We are seeing increasingly worrying birth statistics and are still firmly attached to the idea that a 'healthy baby' is all that matters and thereby dismissing the needs of the mother.

WOOM believes that as women, it is time to take control of our experience, harness our health and rewrite the narrative around the role of the Mother.

By creating this platform we know we can empower and encourage women to reclaim their rites of passage and prioritise their wellness without guilt, knowing that it is deserved and the wellbeing of children and families depends on the wellbeing of the mother.

You deserve this.


[ma - tress - ence] 

1. the birth of a mother
2. the life changing transition where a woman journeys through pre-conception, pregnancy and birth, to the postnatal period and beyond.


WOOM has created a set of core values surrounding the brands and products we partner with and how we operate as a company. 


Only 100% natural or certified organic products that are safe for women, for mothers and subsequently our babies are found at WOOM. You won't find any nasty, toxic or harsh chemicals, instead our brands have chosen to harness the potent health properties of nature.

Along with comprehensive wellness support backed by current, evidence based research to ensure you are equipped with the latest information to aid you on your journey and get the most out of your purchase.


Access to the best brands in wellness for women, mindfully curated so you can holistically care for your earth vessel without compromising on design. Our community of incredible women deserve to enjoy understated luxury and feel part of our beautiful culture to aid confidence and to feel held through their journey.

Matrescence changes us in every way, and at WOOM, we want to shine a light on the importance of self care and ritual practice. We are erasing the idea that becoming a Mother requires us to forgo having ‘nice things’. Art and design forms part of our core aesthetic and this is manifested through our branding, packaging, content and web experience.


Effective, potent, purposeful. All products must serve a good purpose, fill a need, a desire and fill it well. Our brands are the best, their products work and are loved for this reason; they must be functional or convenient and always tried and tested by us before they land online.

Quality is non-negotiable and your entire experience including the product, packaging and functionality must always benefit your wellness journey and add value to your life.


We are earth conscious at our core and for this reason most of our brands are Australian, with many manufacturing within Australia too. Our packaging is thoughtful - all elements made from recycled, recyclable and compostable materials and our practices are too.

We want to make a difference for Women that doesn’t impact the beautiful land we are grateful to live on. As technology and innovation evolves, we are committed to implementing infrastructure, product and packaging that reduces our footprint without affecting the quality of your consumer experience.



The future mother

The pregnant woman

The birthing goddess

The new mama

The mum of many

Mothers of angels


My name is Alice, I’m the founder of WOOM™

For as long as I’ve been a Mother, I’ve always poured my time, energy and heart into learning everything I can about matrescence

The idea that the experience of becoming a mother was a rite of passage requiring me to immerse myself in education, preparation and surrender to the physical, social and emotional changes captured me entirely when I first fell pregnant. However, it wasn’t until the birth of my daughter in 2013 that the true gravity of matrescence became so much more important to me. After realising I was experiencing post-natal depression, the reality that the culture surrounding a woman’s passage through pregnancy, birth and postpartum in Australia was inherently flawed and creating soul-loads of trauma to women and their families hit me right in the heart. It changed me.

I’d spent most of my professional life in retail management and sales where I really thrived and succeeded in these roles. Although my career was evolving and progressing, I was feeling lacklustre and unfulfilled. That something was always missing... passion and the life force inside me was drained. I had babies, so I spent more time mothering and less time in the workforce. After the birth of our sun Bear in 2020, during the first lockdown in Melbourne, I decided I could never go back to spending a good portion of my life in a role that didn’t light me up inside. I made an agreement with myself that I would not continue putting my energy into something I wasn’t truly passionate about. Life is too short.

Approximately 1 in 5 women will experience perinatal depression, and 1 in 3 describe their births as traumatic; far too many in my opinion. My wish is for every mother to experience a positive birth - whatever that might look like for the individual AND it’s my goal to drastically reduce the rates of perinatal depression - PND. 

I’ve got big plans, even bigger goals and a burning desire to supply ALL women with the resources and products they yearn and need to journey motherhood, empowered. 

It’s now very clear that it is my true purpose to blend the two… retail & motherhood.
So, here I am, introducing you to WOOM ® my third baby; a non human one. 

WOOM is free from judgement, filled with incredible brands, carefully curated to ensure all align with our values, fortified with evidence-based wellness resources and bound together with love.

This is a safe space for ALL.