Amy Pearson | Designer & Mother/Other Podcast Host


Amy Pearson

Culturally, my background is

Complicated. I'm in the process of discovering

my family lineage. It's really important

to me now that I have kids.

I live in

On the Coastline of NSW, Australia, on Darkinjung Land.

I am a mother to

Two babes, Dorian (almost 4) & Banksia (19 months). 

I aspire to

Find the flow between my driven, purpose-led self, and my intuitive, present self. I aspire to lead a life that inspires my children to choose things that light them up, and to realise that they don't need to conform to anyone else's idea of 'normal'.

" realise that they don't need to conform to anyone else's idea of 'normal' "

Amy Pearson - Sun Mother Studio

On the weekend you'll find me

Being present & playful with my family,

preparing glorious food, connecting with Nature.

Photographer / ​​Tilly Clifford

For fun I like to

Dance! Have dinner parties! I love dinner parties. Having my nearest and dearest around a table, with glorious food, wine, & music, letting our children run free around us, is what life is all about. I also love to talk deeply about all of the hidden and uncomfortable LIFE stuff! I want to know people's birth stories, I want to hear their passions and their pains, connect and get real.

I knew I was pregnant when

The 5th pregnancy test was positive. I was obsessed, as I'd recently gone through a miscarriage so I was constantly checking even before it was likely to show up.

My favourite part of pregnancy was

The lush hair! Plump lips! Glowing skin. The second trimester was always glorious too. I miss those parts.

The worst was

Nausea & exhaustion in the first trimester, my aching body in the 3rd trimester.

" This was the kind of birth that made me crave more babies... "

Amy Pearson - Sun Mother Studio

To prepare for birth, I

Created an ambient playlist with my husband (he's an audio engineer with great taste),
discovered Hynpobirthing, (this changed my life), started regular perineal massage and completely detached from Social Media to step into the present.

Looking back, I feel my birth was

My first birth with Dorian was powerful, mind-blowing, and overwhelming. My second birth with Banksia was quick, glorious, magic, and dazzling. This was the kind of birth that made me crave more babies, it was truly the best experience of my life.

3 words to describe my journey from maiden to mother are

Sudden. Astronomical. Humbling.

The biggest challenge has been

Time & the inability to be in many places at once. My kids both need me at the same time, and I was not prepared for how difficult this would be both physically and mentally.

" I was not prepared for how difficult this would be both physically and mentally "

Amy Pearson - Sun Mother Studio

If I could turn back time I would have

Nothing. I wouldn't change a thing.

The thing I love most about motherhood is

The insurmountable love, it is just unfathomable until you're in it.

I like to fill up my cup by

Creating, as much as I possibly can. Water, in all forms: the ocean, the bath, the shower, drinking water, crying, rain. Solitude & connection - a dichotomy, but it's true.

My one piece of wisdom to share would be

Continue to follow your deep interests, and make it work around mothering somehow. It can feel impossible sometimes, but it's worth it both for your own self-identity & affirmation, and for your children to see you glowing.

My favourite WOOM product is

Qiara Pregnancy & Breastfeeding Probiotic, these saved me during many breastfeeding struggles. Plus, all of the Subtle Bodies products, just divine!

To me, being a woman means

Having the strength to be vulnerable, the confidence for humility, and a deep intuition that can be tapped into if you're open to it



I am a Mother, Creator, Designer, Podcaster, Bibliophile, and many other things. I am the Host/Producer of the Podcast: Mother/Other, the Lead Designer/Owner of: Sun Mother Studio, and an Educator at: Birth My Business.

Becoming a mother completely rocked my world. The identity shift was something I was not at all prepared for. Little did I know, birthing that baby would become the fire for my most productive, determined & purpose-led self. It sparked a huge fire in me that completely flipped my perspective of life and work on its head. Motherhood was the turning point in my life. It gave me the confidence to take huge risks, quit my job, and throw myself into freelance business so that I could create a working life that functions around the needs of my children, rather than the other way around. I've realized now that motherhood & my creative work are intrinsically linked, each represents a large piece of my identity and both of these parts of me hold great meaning & purpose.


Sun Mother, is a Creative Design Studio that was born shortly after the birth of my son, Dorian. Its purpose is to empower women & mums in business, by transforming their brands so that they can attract their dream clients. 

Graduating with a BA in Graphic Design + Photography, I’ve been immersed in the creative industry my entire adult life [a long time] and I couldn’t imagine an alternative. For me, this is heart-led work! I’m excited to get to my desk each day. 

Sun Mother's services include branding design, website design and development and business strategy sessions. We also offer a bunch of incredible resources and workshops designed for the start up. 

Basically, I providing women + mums with the tools to empowered themselves in business.