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The Portal - Womankind
Find comfort, connection and perspective when you need it most.
Rosie Dalton | Writer
Rosie Dalton is an Australian writer exploring fashion, art, and culture through the mediums of poetry, prose, and the personal essay. Becoming mother to son, Mac encouraged her exploration of the intersection between motherhood and creativity, a subject close to her heart and an art form she continually refines.
Amy Pearson | Designer & Mother/Other Podcast Host
Amy Pearson, founder of Sun Mother Design Studio and host of the Mother/other podcast weaves motherhood into her creative endeavours effortlessly. Her short and sweet responses are a delight to read over your morning coffee.
Bel White | Pregnancy + Postpartum Holistic Health Nutritionist
Bel help's mothers to thrive by regaining energy, balancing hormones and empowering them to take control of their health. Her focus is all around nutrition and gut health for pregnancy, mothers and babies. She answers our twenty in twenty.
Annika Hein
Motherhood from the eyes and heart of Founder & Editor of Jane Magazine, Annika Hein. She creatively allows us an insight into her world as mother, woman and creative.
Dajana Hazle
Dajana is mother of Hendrix and Hazle, wife to Jason and Creative Director to one of the biggest names in beauty - Frank Body.
Yahna Fookes | Mother & Founder of Radiant Birth
Mother, Author and Founder of Radiant Birth & their namesake book answers our 20 questions in 20 minutes. This special insight into her life and mind bares truth to the enigma she is.