The Radiant Birth Book
The Radiant Birth Book
The Radiant Birth Book
The Radiant Birth Book

The Radiant Birth Book

Positive Birth and Postpartum in a Book.

From the creators of the Radiant Birth Course, a three day immersive workshop where you are provided with the tools you and your baby need for the safest, most-sacred rite of passage. 

The Radiant Birth book is a resource guide that spans birth and postpartum written by birth workers from around the globe, including Soft Centre, Michaela Rinkel, Vaughne Geary, Bannie Williams, Shannon May Powell, Kaity Fox, the Living Doula and Yahna Fookes.

From preparing your body for birth and what to expect during the waves of labour to meaningful breath work to help you move through transition, the book offers gentle prompts to guide you through each stage. 

The book also delves into postpartum, what to expect physiologically and how to rebuild from a traditional Chinese Medicine perspective. 

The book includes three delicious recipes by Postpartum Chef and Doula Jessica Prescott that you can enjoy making in preparation for your baby's arrival. The book contains journaling prompts and space for you to write down your thoughts, digest your learnings and maifest your desires. With original illustrations by artist/mother Gem Leslie, this book is a keepsake that you can look back on this time and reflect on how far you’ve come. 

The illustrations are designed by Gem Leslie and the images by the one and only Ilsa Wynne - Hoelscher Kidd.

72 pages. Full Colour. Printed on recycled paper, in Melbourne, Australia.

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Yahna Fookes is the founder of Radiant Birth. Radiant Birth is laid on the foundations of bringing a holistic approach to birth through self-discovery, embodied movement and the study of birth and postpartum. Her course, Radiant Birth, is a three-part immersion that brings together practices from the east, not only from the roots of traditional Chinese medicine but also from the ancient teachings from India. It is founded on the idea of creating community and support during pregnancy to then hold you through your journey through motherhood. She is a qualified pre and postnatal yoga teacher with over 7 years of teaching experience. Previously, she was a professional dancer and a graduate of the Victorian College of the Arts. She has a rich history in studying the human body, and expression, and doing work with a cross-section of artists and disciplines. She is a mother, POC and writer living on the lands of the Wurundjeri people.

Contributors include:

Soft Centre - Full Spectrum Doula and Reiki Healer.
Lilly Lowrey, known as Soft Centre is a holistic birth educator and full spectrum doula supporting folk through family building, pregnancy, birth and beyond. She completed her doula studies under the guidance of Angel Phoenix (formerly Angela Gallo), alongside training in pregnancy loss and abortion support with Samantha Zippora. Lilly has always been curious about the intersections of creativity, birth and holistic well-being. She brings a gentle and empathic approach to her practice, offering person-centred, nurturing and compassionate continuity of care across the reproductive spectrum.

Vaughne Geary - Naturopath, Doula and Mama Goodness Co-founder
Vaughne brings a depth of knowledge to the birth space that truly honours the mother. She has attended over 100 births and holds a Bachelor of Health Science (Naturopathy) and completed her Doula training under the guidance of both the Australian Doula College and Angel Phoenix (formerly Angela Gallo). From preconception to birth and postpartum – Vaughne has supported many families and women as they bring new life into the world

Michaela Rinkel - Traditional Chinese Medicine Doctor and Herbalist
Michaela is an AHPRA registered Acupuncturist and Chinese Medicine Practitioner who’s inspired by traditional Eastern philosophies and an integrative approach to health care. With a Bachelor of Health Science she is passionate about all aspects of health and has vast experience working with women’s fertility, pregnancy and postnatal care. She works to inspire women to to recognise the fundamental need for restorative self care and nourishment during the often overlooked ‘4th trimester’.

Bannie Williams - Yoga teacher, Nutritionist and Founder of FortGreen Yoga
With a Bachelor of Health Science (Nutrition) Bannie Williams is a health consultant and also the author of The Smoothie Manifesto. Her passion for health and mindfulness blossomed into Fort Green Yoga, a sun-drenched studio in the heart of Northcote – inspired by New York City loft design. Mother to Daphne, Bannie expanded her teaching skills on prenatal training at Australia Yoga Academy and leads her own prenatal classes.

Shannon May Powell - Writer, Arts Worker and Embodiment Practitioner
Shannon has been a student of facilitation for more than 20 years, exploring dance, martial arts, yoga, meditation, pleasure activism and Somatics. Having studied philosophy and literature at university, they enjoy questioning ideas and weaving poetry into body work. Shannon is the founding director of the wellbeing organisation, Small Beyond, and has been facilitating creative movement practices and wellbeing experiences in Australia and Europe for the past six years.

Kaity Fox - Birth Doula
Kaity believes our instincts and innate ability to have a positive birth story, regardless of how or where we choose to birth. Proudly trained snd certified under teachers Lindsey Bliss, Samantha Huggins and Domino Kirke - the powerhouse Carriage House Birth collective in New York and since completed further training in Spinning Babies with Jennifer Walker as well as ’Maternity Care: Building Relationships Really Does Save Lives’ through Griffith University and Holding Space for Pregnancy Loss with Amy Wright Glenn. Kaity is an incredible birth worker, educator and mother.

Living Doula - Birth and Postpartum Doula, Cancer Survivor.
Charlotte is a mother, a lover and a survivor also known as the Living Doula. She has been called into birthwork through the embodiment of her own life. Being diagnosed with a rare blood cancer in her early twenties allowed her to reevaluate her life for the better. Through this exploration, her fears around illness were, she realised, not death, but never being able to conceive, carry and parent another human life. She is a qualified doula and facilitator of sacred spaces.

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