Birth Affirmation Cards
Birth Affirmation Cards
Birth Affirmation Cards
Birth Affirmation Cards

Birth Affirmation Cards


Positive affirmations are a must-have tool for any expectant mama to enter their birth space with calmness & positivity.

By using the power of affirmation, you are programming your mind to feel peace and calm in preparation for the birth of your baby.

Birth affirmation cards assist you to:
  • dissolve anxiety
  • let go of fears
  • feel empowered during your labour
  • create a safe and calm birthing space
  • find peace and calm in your preparation 

Read these affirmations to yourself in preparation for and during your labour and birth. You might also like to have your partner or birth support team pull a card and read them aloud in the challenging moments to remind you just how capable you are.

WOOM encourages women to create a daily practice of affirmation as part of your preparation, taking time for small intentional moments with self and connect to your baby.

M&M Birth Affirmations allow women to practice positive statements about themselves, their baby and the birth process. Instilling these affirmations as a daily practice reminds you of the truth of birth whilst blocking out the noise of negativity.

Uniquely designed and written, they can be used as part of one’s daily ritual to set a positive mantra to focus on today to strengthen the connection with the little munchkin growing inside you.

With time, these cards become part of one’s inner dialogue to assist mothers in allowing their bodies to birth their babies fearlessly in a calm and positive space.

20 Birth Affirmations

100 x 142mm

White and gold keep safe box

The Mama & Munchkin Collection have been created to empower Women & Children to be positive, confident & self-loving individuals.  

Australia-owned and made.

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As part of your daily ritual, whatever that looks like for you; sit with the cards in your hands for a moment, feeling into your desires, needs and intentions for birth.

Once you have taken a moment to visualise, be guided by your intuition and select the card/s that you feel drawn to.

Place them in front of you facing down.

Read each card aloud 3 times with a deep breath between each repetition to really feel into the message and integrate this into your day.

Come back to these cards as often as you need to during the day or week.

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