I Am Protected - Space Clearing Spray

I Am Protected - Space Clearing Spray

An essential oil mist wonderful for clearing the energy of a space. 

Use this mist liberally around your aura or in your space to clear, move and protect energy. 

Think of it as an alternative to burning sage or palo santo in a space (an open flame cannot be used in a hospital setting and is not ideal around newborns). 

A cleansing, purifying and uplifting blend and acts as a protective layer around your being. It aids in psychic protection, helping you to clear and release any energies taken on from your environment.

Clear bad juju and make room for expansion by misting your space and cleansing stagnant energy. Remove blockages and find yourself feeling new found sense of security and ease.

Great for:

Preparing the nursery

Preparing the birth space when you arrive at the hospital 

Preparing your home birthing space 

To clear energy after negative interactions or projections

Help to release fear ahead of birthing 


Refreshing, sweet and zesty scent with a pop of Peppermint.

I Am Protected is wholly electric, in all the right ways.


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There are numerous ways this can be used:

* For clearing spaces simply mist throughout the room.

* For your own energy field simply spray over the crown of the head and around the body, let the mist fall through your field, imagine a positive light filled protective shield cocooning your being, take a deep breath and repeat the affirmation.

* Alternatively spray into your hands and sweep through your aura, surrendering any excess energies to the Earth, then stand up and cup the hands over the face and take 3 deep breaths, place your hands on your heart and have a moment of Gratitude and repeat the affirmation.

This is a great uplifting ritual to begin each day, and if necessary to use again at the end of the day to clear and release any undesired energy. Radiate your light!

Protecting, Warming and grounding. A tonic for those that tend to worry, over
think and overanalyse. Historically known for protecting against psychic

Traditionally used to alleviate stress, depression, nervous tension and
exhaustion. It encourages feelings of fullness and contentment.

Warming and protective, it assists in shitting negative emotions lor
transformation. Good for increasing mental focus.

Cheerful, uplifting and soothing. Helps with an over active mind.

Relaxing and uplifting it encourages "higher consciousness and deeper

All products in the Hanako Therapies range are:
• Handmade with Love
• Small Batch
• Australian Made
• Vegan
• Non GMO
• 100% Natural
• Cruelty Free
• Eco-Friendly
• Toxin-Free
• Organic
• Ethical

Hanako Therapies was born after Rachel and Jeff Holm tragically suffered the loss of their precious daughter Sierra two days before she was due to be born. This defining moment on October 23, 2009 lead the husband and wife duo to explore alternative healing with the love of nature. The result is a brand that embraces the power of Mother Earth’s abundant raw essences to support, balance and uplift the mind, body and spirit.

Additional Info:
All of Hanako's pure unadultered essential oils are ethically sourced from around the world where each of the botanical plants, wildcrafted and organic where possible, have to meet strict standard criteria. Our Indigenous Organic Certified Native Australian Sandalwood is proudly sourced from Mount Romance. Since 2005 Mount Romance has pioneered a system of benefit sharing. Native Sandalwood is sourced from outback Western Australia by Aboriginal harvesters who are paid an additional royalty on the oil sold from their wood. In our Meridian Blends and Goodnight baby we blend our pure unadultered essential oils in 100% cold pressed Organic jojoba oil. All of our other blends are combined in a naturally derived dispersant made from almond and coconut oils that are then blended in crystal infused spring water.

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